Landlords’ Charges

Landlords’ Commission Fees and Charges

1Letting Only Service    10% incl. VAT 
(to be paid in full and in advance)
2Rent Demand Service   12.5% incl. VAT
(to be paid in full and in advance)
3Property Management Service18% incl. VAT
(to be paid monthly)
There is a minimum fee of £1200 including VAT for all the above Services or the percentage of the fee for each Service being the equivalent of six months’ commission whichever is the greater even if not negotiated by Waterfalls.

4Sales Commission if Tenant purchases the Property2.5% incl. VAT of the purchase price. 
5Start Up Referencing for up to two tenants£288 incl. VAT
(ID checks, Right to Rent Check, Financial credit check, Employer or Accounts, Landlord or Letting Agent and any other relevant information)
Additional tenant referencing£144 incl. VAT
6Guarantor Fees£60 incl. VAT
Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee (or as part of the tenancy agreement).
7Follow up Right to Rent Checks£60 incl. VAT
Undertaking a repeat check if a person is on a time-limited VISA in accordance with the Immigration Acts 2014 & 2016.  Notifying the Home Office should an illegal overstayer be identified
8Preparation of an Inventory by a third-party inventory clerkStart from £78 incl. VAT
9Check in fee by a third-party Inventory clerkStart from £66 incl. VAT
10Check out fee by a third-party Inventory clerkStart from £78 incl. VAT
11Preparation of Waterfalls standard Tenancy Agreement£300 incl. VAT
12Preparation of an Extension Agreement for the Tenancy£150 incl. VAT
13Visits during a void period for each visit (one every 2 weeks)£60 incl. VAT
14Tax retention for a non-resident landlord per quarter£75 incl. VAT
15Registration for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme£50 incl. VAT
16Preparation of documentation for Court proceedings or TDS adjudication£300 incl. VAT
17Attendance by Waterfalls at Court or a tribunal on behalf of the Landlord£350 incl. VAT half day plus the reasonable costs and expenses of Waterfalls.
18Serving a Section 21 or Section 13 Notice on (non-managed properties) £90 incl. VAT
19Duplicate statements provided to the Landlord or his accountant£120 incl. VAT
20Annual tax statement covering all or part of the tax year£120 incl. VAT  
21Cost of specialist advertising or brochures: details upon request but subject           Charges upon request
22Extra property management charge for part or total refurbishment10% of the cost
23Deed of surrenders£90 incl. VAT
24Same day payment£20 incl. VAT
25Transferring the deposit£50 incl. VAT
26Landlord Withdrawal Fees (before move-in)£600 incl. VAT
27Management Take- over fees£400 incl. VAT
To cover the costs associated with taking over the management of an ongoing tenancy, ensuring all statutory compliance has been undertaken, confirming everything under “Set Up Fees” receiving and protecting the security deposit and providing all the necessary legal documentation to the tenant.
28Consultancy for each of the following:
plus mileage, if relevant, at £0.45 pence per mile

  • additional visits to a Property if we are managing;
  • waiting time at the Property;
  • having extra sets of keys cut;
  • arranging cleaning prior to the start of a Tenancy if not managing;
  • arranging safety checks;
  • installation of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors;
  • obtaining consent from a lender or a Superior Landlord;   
£150 incl. VAT
29Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) plus floor plan £120.00 incl.VAT
30Electrical CertificateUp to 4 beds: £156 incl. VAT
5 beds or more: £216 incl. VAT
31Legionella Risk Assessmentfrom £78.00 incl. VAT